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Personal project: "IGGY" - Hyper realistic Facial anatomy

© 2020 by Shraga Weiss


© 2020 by Shraga Weiss


© 2020 by Shraga Weiss

Through "IGGY," I delve into the realm of hyper-real facial deformation.

The primary challenge with "Iggy" lies in dissecting the intricate nuances of facial movements belonging to an iconic figure: Iggy Pop.

This endeavor is a dedicated pursuit of hyper-realism, where I meticulously examine the minutiae of high-fidelity details within the dynamic visage of this iconic personality.

The project encompasses the entirety of a studio production, encompassing character design, modeling, proprietary facial rigging, animation, hair grooming and simulation, lighting, and more.

"Iggy" is still a work in progress, and I have an array of exciting plans in store, so keep an eye out for updates;)


This is a personal project crafted during my spare time.


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