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Personal project: "IGGY" - Hyper realistic Facial anatomy

© 2020 by Shraga Weiss


© 2020 by Shraga Weiss


© 2020 by Shraga Weiss

With "IGGY"  I explore hyper real facial deformation.

The challenge with Iggy was to explore the intricacies of the facial movement of an iconic figure: Iggy Pop.

This project is meant to be hyper realistic. Examining the super minute, high fidelity details of an iconic face in motion.


The project included all the elements of a studio production from character design to  modeling, proprietary facial rigging, animation, hair grooming & simulation, lighting etc.

Iggy is still WIP - I have a lot more plans for Iggy - so stay tuned;)


This is a personal project created in my spare time




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