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E-Mote is a 3D animation studio specializing in creating dynamic performances for high-end 3D characters, with expertise in character design and creation, dynamic rigging, and animation.

We approach ultra-realistic characters with the same level of meticulous attention as we do with fantastical stylized or cartoony ones. Our guiding principle remains consistent: The quality of the result is determined by the skill of the artistry behind it.

Quality facial rigging is often misconstrued as a product of cutting-edge technology, but in truth, it is a product of the artistry behind the craft. . What sets apart exceptional facial rigging from the generic is the artful mastery of  emotion, and an intricate understanding of facial anatomy.


Note in this example how Iggy's blink unfolds "in stages" and the wrinkles
around the blink behave accordingly.


Just as traditional artists require a deep understanding of anatomy to sculpt or paint a convincing likeness, the same principle applies to digital sculpting as well,  with the added complexity of being in motion. Every twitch and movement of muscles is a deliberate sculpture. Don't be swayed by the hype—There is no procedural solution for quality  rigging.

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