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Personal project: "Lust For Life" - Hyper realistic anatomy performance

 © 2020 by Shraga Weiss


With "Iggy - Lust for Life"  I explore high fidelity facial anatomy deformation of a music hero of mine.Iggy Pop.

This is part 2 to the B&W version which is short and subtle as opposed to a full dynamic performance in part 02.

The challenge with Iggy was to explore the intricacies of the facial movement of an iconic figure: Iggy Pop.

This project is meant to be hyper realistic. Examining the super minute, high fidelity details of an iconic face in motion.

In order to achieve this I created an original facial animation pipeline that enables the exploration of the anatomy of an extremely expressive character such as Iggy.

The system I created is one that allows for hyper realistic and dynamic facial expressions (meaning more detailed and "pushed" than photo- real)

This project was done completely from scratch without any scan data or motion capture etc.

If you'd like to learn more about my proprietary methods please contact me at

The project included all the elements of a major studio project from character design to  modeling, original facial rigging, animation, hair grooming & simulation, lighting etc.


I was in charge of all the elements of the project. Created completely in my free time





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