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Personal project: "Dancing Mr.J" - Stylized  Facial anatomy performance

 © 2020 by Shraga Weiss

With "Mr. J"  I explore stylized facial anatomy of a music hero of mine. Mick Jagger.

The challenge was to create an animated short from start to finish utilizing an original facial animation pipeline exploring the facial deformation of a stylized character.

The project included all the elements of a major studio project from character design to  modeling, original facial rigging, animation, hair grooming & simulation, lighting etc. and was rendered using cloud rendering.


I was in charge of all the elements of the project besides the animation (modeling, rigging, grooming, simming etc).

Animation was done by my very talented friend and collaboratoe, Roy Margalit. (

I would like to also thank Brett Sinclair, Gustav Ahren and Elyse Wei who helped advise me on some crucial elements of the project.




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