Personal project: "Dancing Mr.J" - Stylized  Facial anatomy performance

© 2019 by Shraga Weiss -Full project coming soon!

 © 2019 by Shraga Weiss

With "Mr. J"  I explore stylized facial anatomy of a music hero of mine. Mick Jagger.

The challenge was to create an animated short from start to finish utilizing a sophisticated facial animation pipeline.

This is a proof of concept project demonstrating my ability to take a virtual human project from start to finish.

The project included all the elements of a major studio project from character design to  modeling, sophisticated facial rigging, animation, hair grooming & simulation, lighting etc. and was rendered using cloud rendering.



I was in charge of all the elements of the project besides the animation (Concept, modeling, rigging, facial sculpting, grooming, simming etc).

Animation was done by my very talented friend, Roy Margalit. (

I would like to also thank Brett Sinclair, Gustav Ahren and Elyse Wei who helped advise me on some crucial elements of the project.

Together with my strong network of awesome artists in the industry we are able to execute on any human animation project, be it a holographic performance, or a stylized show.